Our Relationships are Based on Trust

We are trusted by industry-leading Fortune 500 investor-owned global companies, to small, local, and privately-owned companies.

We have completed more than 2,000 projects across the United States for a wide-range of companies and industries.  Throughout our history we have demonstrated a consistent ability to construct high-quality projects, safely, on-time, and with integrity.   Our continued performance has resulted in an expanded customer base, regular year-over-year business growth and long-standing relationships.  We are very grateful for our customers and the business they provide.

Whether through national contracts or competitive bids, we provide solutions that meet the industry’s needs.

We provide materials and/or services to customers either through national contracts or competitive bids.

National contracts with scale customers provide transparency in material sourcing and certainty in project performance that benefits both parties.  These national contracts, referred to as Limited Service Agreements, provide specific material pricing based on market indices, labor rates, and installation rates on a square foot basis, with payment terms and other elements that are mutually negotiated.  Under these agreements, our customers manage the coordination between ESI and the earthwork contractor as required for the given project.  Please contact ESI for further information about our national contract program.

Competitive bids are requested for specific projects, and in most cases are led by an earthwork contractor working as a general or prime contractor.  ESI would therefore provide bids for the liner materials and/or installation  to the general contractor for the project.  In limited cases, site owners may only need liner materials and/or installation, thereby requiring a bid directly from ESI.  In competitive bid situations, material and installation pricing are dependent on market conditions and project scheduling.

ESI operates and will continue to serve our customers through both procurement methods.