Geosynthetic Composite Lining Systems

for solution containment & reclamation in the MINING industry

Haile Gold Mine
ESI recently completed the installation of a geosynthetic composite lining system for a 328-acre gold mine tailing pond in South Carolina.
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Geosynthetic liner systems play an important role in the mining industry for the containment of liquids used during the mining process. Primarily, geosynthetic liner systems are used in this industry to contain mine leachates and prevent them from entering the groundwater.

Typical applications include:

  • Process solution & evaporation ponds liner systems
  • Heap leach pad liner systems
  • Tailings impoundment liner systems
  • Ground stabilization
  • Erosion control
  • Remediation of mine tailings

ESI is a leading provider of geosynthetic materials and installation services to this industry.  ESI also provides and installs HDPE pipe systems used for liquid collection and transportation to this industry as well

A stellar safety record and scale that provides a wealth of MSHA qualified and experienced labor are essential to successfully perform in this industry.  With the industry’s most experience and largest force of field technicians in the industry, ESI has the capabilities to exceed the needs of the industry.

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