Frac Pits, Freshwater, & Produced Water Pond Liners  

for the oil/gas exploration & production (E&P) industry

Land of Plenty
The United States is now the largest oil producing country in the world. The Permian Basin in West Texas now accounts for nearly 50% of all oil produced in the United States.
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Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has created an energy boom that hasn’t been seen in the United States for a hundred years.  The technology has led to lower overall production costs and the opportunity to extract oil from areas that previously were not considerable commercially viable.  

The fracking process however requires water, and lots of it, and the means for storage or containment.  In a place like west Texas where water is scarce, water management, conservation and reuse is critical.  Geosynthetic materials and systems are used to contain the waters used in the fracking process, thereby providing critical value to the industry.

In 2019, ESI acquired Patriot Environmental. With offices in Meeker, Oklahoma and Odessa, Texas, Patriot Environmental is a specialty contractor primarily serving the oil and gas industry in Texas and Oklahoma. The company provides and installs geosynthetic materials, erosion control materials, and secondary metal containment systems for a variety of applications. Patriot Environmental is an industry leader for the supply and installation of geosynthetic materials used to line pits and impoundments (frac waste, freshwater and produced water). Patriot also provides similar services to the industrial and agriculture markets in the region. 

With the acquisition, the company  provides dedicated resources and industry focus, with exceptional scale, to this important market. 

Industry References & Resources:

  • Society of Petroleum Engineers:  The largest individual-member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry.
  • Independent Petroleum Association of America:  The IPAA is a national trade association representing thousands of independent oil and natural gas producers across the United States.  The association serves as an informed voice for the exploration and production segment of the industry and advocates on behalf of members to before federal agencies.  
  • Permian Basin Petroleum Association (PBPA): Advocating for the safe and responsible oil and gas development, and to provide education on safety, legislation, regulation, and support services for the industry.
  • Texas Alliance of Energy Producers:  With over 3,350 members in 300 cities and 29 states, the alliance represents the interest of the oil and gas industry at both the state and federal levels, with a commitment to ensuring that tomorrow’s energy policy will allow its members to grow and prosper.  
  • The Produced Water Society:  An oil & gas industry association dedicated to improving the management and disposition of produced water.
  • A sample list of associations dedicated to educating, promoting and developing the oil & gas industry in their respective states.

Industry Media:

  • Oil & Gas Journal:  The petroleum industry’s largest publication.  
  • The American Oil & Gas Reporter: The American Oil & Gas Reporter is an independent industrial trade publication that also serves as the Official Publication for 29 associations of independent oil and gas producers and operators.
  • Rigzone:  A leading online resource for news, jobs, data and events for the oil and gas industry.
  • Oilfield Calendar:  The online source to follow activities in the industry in your area.  
  • The Permian Basin Petroleum Association Magazine:  The magazine of the PBPA, bringing relevant industry stories and timely information to those in the oil and gas industry.