Announcement | A Story of Safety Leadership

Justin Mascaro Announcements

On August 29th, Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Widows Creek Fossil Plant sponsored a lunch for their workers to commemorate nearly seven years of work without a lost-time incident. This is a remarkable achievement and we congratulate the company and their team for this important milestone.

ESI has worked at this site since April 2015, installing geosynthetic liners and systems for coal combustion residuals (coal ash) containment and closure. Our company was invited along with our customer and General Contractor partner (Barnard Construction Company) to attend the celebration.

During this celebration, ESI also made an important announcement to recognize a remarkable achievement by one of our own.  Kevin Simms, ESI’s VP of Operations prepared a speech that was delivered by David Nolting, ESI’s Corporate Environmental & Safety Manager.  The announcement was to recognize safe working practices and supervisory leadership of Randy Story.

Randy Story has been with ESI since 2000 and has over 30 years experience with geosynthetics. Since 2011, Randy has supervised the installation of over 35 million square feet of geosynthetics, with over 77,000 man-hours without a single lost time incident, JUST ON TVA PROJECTS.  At TVA’s Widows Creek Fossil Plant only, Randy has managed 64,000 PLUS man-hours again without a single lost time incident.

Safety is not a slogan at our company.  Our company is dedicated to ensuring a safe work environment for each employee.  Further information concerning our company’s belief in safe working practices can be found on our safety page.

We wish to therefore especially recognize Randy’s leadership, and the safe working practices of his team members, for their efforts to ensure a safe working environment.  Randy, you are example for us all, and we are very grateful for your demonstrated performance in creating a safe working environment for your team that benefits not only ESI, but also our customers and the industry.

Randy, thank you!


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