ESI Announces New Safety Concern “Hotline”

Justin Mascaro Announcements

ESI is committed to operating with the highest standard of safety in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies. ESI believes that every accident is preventable. ESI also believes that safety is a team effort – one that everyone can help to improve.

As such, we are instituting a new “safety hotline” effort through our company that allows people to submit safety concerns anonymously through an online form. This form can be found on our safety page located on our company’s website.

Click Here to Access this Page.

Please speak up if you believe that you have observed safety issues or believe you were asked to perform work in an unsafe environment. When you speak up, you provide the information necessary to investigate and remedy a potentially dangerous situation. Use this online point to submit your concerns to our executive team directly.

Again, the concern you raise is anonymous.