21% Increase in HDPE Resin Prices for CY 2017

Justin Mascaro Industry News

HDPE Resin prices for extrusion sheet rose over 21% for calendar year-to-date (2017), according to Plastic News (PN).  This month’s average price was reported to be $.84/lb versus January’s price of $0.69/lb.  According to the data, prices have steadily increased throughout the year.

It has been since 2015, when the industry has seen prices as high as they are today.  Historically though, the lowest reported price was $0.29/lb in 2012; the highest was $1.10/lb in 2014.

Being the largest installer, and one of the largest providers of HDPE liner (extrusion sheet) in the nation, resin prices are impactful to our business and that of our customers.

Further information can be found at:  http://www.plasticsnews.com/resin/commodity-thermoplastics/historical-pricing?grade=1310308|Vol1