Memorial Day & the American Flag, ESI Style

Justin Mascaro Announcements, Projects

When our customer asked us if we could install 300,000 sf of white and black HDPE liner for a new cell that we were constructing at a Waste Connections site in north Texas, our team found a creative way of meeting a customer’s request.  As they were laying out the liner, they realized the pattern could end up being a cool way of honoring Memorial Day.  Their team decided to complete the image of the American flag, resulting in a special recognition to those who lost their lives while serving in our armed forces.

Dale Story, Lamphanh Phoutphou (ESI Supervisor and Foreman) and their crew, deserve credit for this unique and creative approach to meeting a customer request, while honoring Memorial Day.

On behalf of Dale, Lamphanh and their crew, ESI honors those who gave their lives to make our country great!

God Bless America.