Mohammed’s Crew Conquers the “Hill from Hell”

Justin Mascaro Mining, Projects
Silver Bell Mine

AMES Construction hired ESI to install a geosynthetic liner system for a leach pad closure and vertical slopes at Asarco’s Silver Bell Mine in Marana, AZ. The challenging part of the project was lining a nearby hill that featured complex contours and steep slopes as shown in this photo.  The hill rightfully earned the name the “Hill from Hell”.

The project, led by ESI superintendent Mohammed Malimar involved the installation of over 3,000,000 sq ft 80 mil textured LLDPE liner and geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) each, manufactured by AGRU America. Mohammed’s crew safely completed the project within 14 weeks – ahead of schedule and well ahead of the competitive contractors who quoted 28 weeks.

Adhering to strict safety protocols was paramount.  Most importantly, Mohammed’s MSHA trained crew completed the project without incidents.

Mohammed and his crew earned praise from AMES and Asarco for their crew’s performance. Gary Scott – Project Superintendent for AMES Construction reported Mohammed and his crew operated at the highest level of professionalism and surpassed expectations on all accounts.

Well done, Mohammed. Your team makes us all proud to wear the ESI vest!