Ga lee! Dat food at TVA was incredible!

Justin Mascaro Announcements, Events
ESI's Cajun Lunch

ESI hosted a Cajun lunch for over 150 people at TVA’s Widows Creek Power Plant this past week, where we are in the middle of a 15.2 million square foot (349 acres) geosynthetic liner installation for a coal combustion residual impoundment. The lunch was attended by employees of Barnard Construction Company and their subcontractors, TVA …

Commercial Team Announcement

Justin Mascaro Announcements

ESI’s Founder and President, Mark Dillon, is pleased to announce that Art Mohr, Jr. is joining the firm as Director of Business Development. Art graduated from Michigan State University (MSU) and continues to be an avid MSU Football fan. Outside of work, he enjoys time with family, traveling, golf, photography, and flying his drone.  Art …